Friday, December 9, 2011

I am looking forward to watch...

Dark Knight Rises(2012)

I am more of a fan of Comics, So I closely watch which comics are being converted to films. Most of the time, comics fans have shown their disappointment after each of their favourite Comics has become a movie. Comics fans are different creatures, they interpret their Comics reading experience differently with their imagination. So it is hard to convert these comics in to Silver screen with everybodies' expectation. But Batman movies have always been praised for their proper conversion. In early nineties, Tim Burton has proved that Batman Comics' dark nature can be adapted to the big screen with a big success. But he cannot continue his good work after 2 Batman movies, after the battle with the studios.

Now it is the time for the Christopher Nolan to bring back the Caped Crusader. He has done a amazing job to make the audience with a realistic plot. I loved his previous 2 Batman movies. This time we have the Catwoman as well. So it is going to be a nice experience watching them fight. Damn.. I need to wait till the next year's summer for this movie. I am looking forward to see a complicated screenplay style from Nolan this time.

Hugo (2011)

This is the first time, I hear that Martin Scorsese has tried a family Adventure movie, which simply contradict his previous works. He is best known for his on screen violence scenes in his Gangster movies. I have not missed any of his great gangster movies. So I am so excited to hear that he is trying something different this time. Hugo is well received and holds a 93% in Rotten Tomatoes.

I never thought I will get a chance to see this movie in a theatre. But it is true that it is released in the Golden theatre in Majectic City Sri Lanka. I will watch it this weekend.

Tin Tin, The Secret of Unicorn

I was standing in the tail of a big queue with my father in year 1994, to watch Spilberg's Jurassic Park. We were queued in front of the Liberty theatre, but I could not figure out where that queue was headed to. We got a seat in the very first row and I forgot to take my specs to the theatre. Even though it became a bad experience, I was happy to tell my school friends about that great movie.

I am reading all the articles about this Tin Tin movie, ever since it was released in Europe. But it is not yet released in America, Canada, Sri Lanka :). I hope this movie will be released in the new 3D theatre in Majectic City. I really liked the "Secret of Unicorn" Comics series which had 3 continuous stories, so I am sure Spliberg has chosen the best stories to make this film.

Sherlock Holmes - The Game of Shadows

I got a chance to watch 2009 Sherlock Holmes movie very recently. I was not encouraged by the fact that this is a modernized Sherlock Holmes. I love the dark nature and slowness of the Sherlock Holmes stories by Sir. Arthur Conan Doyle. When they converted those stories to comics, it was done without losing its' soul. So I started to watch this movie without much of a interest. But intelligent storyline and superb film making style attracted me. Robert Downey joined my list of favourite stars right after watching this movie.

This time Prof.Moriarty joins the movie to give a big hype. My favourite Sherlock Holmes Comics was released by the Lion Comics in the year 1993/4, which featured Moriarty as the villain. It was a chilling thriller. Let's hope it hits the Sri Lankan theatres on time.


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  1. good post buddy . Personally I have an feeling that an movie based on comic / book will never make impression like that it did in reading a comic / book . Both are completely different media .though there are rare cases where a movie is more good than a comic / book . I hope Tin Tin movie will release in Lanka soon .