Thursday, October 6, 2011

UnBytables - Will you stand a Byte?

Generally every job gives stress to the workers. People get stressed up and will struggle to release the stress. The jobs involving brain work, is always stressful to the mind compared to the other jobs. When you spend more hours you get more stress. Life of the Software guys aren't that easy. They get more stress and they used to work for longer hours. So they tend to get more diseases, which are directly related to their mental health. So it is so essential to relax while you work. Some companies do insist on the activities, which helps to relax the minds. As individuals, we need to know what is good for us relax your mind.

This post is getting more formal & serious, so let me switch to the fun part of it.

We used to have some relaxing sessions during our T-time & lunch time with our friends in our office. Remarkably we always attend these sessions despite we had tight schedules with our work. During these breaks we make some funny discussions which help us to get some laugh. To understand the rest of the post it is "damn" essential to understand the following terminology, that we use during those sessions.


Byte - (This is not referring to the typical Computer Science term "Bytes"). A series of conversation, which makes fun of one guy. Usually that fun conversation will contain the mixture of real & fiction stories. Most of the time one guy will be targeted and people around him will laugh at him. Usually these bytes will be centered around one silly mistake and new fictitious stories will be created around that.

Byting - This is the verb, which is used to refer to a fun discussion, which basically targets a poor guy.

Bytable Guy - A guy who is more vulnerable for the Bytes. For instance, if one guy makes more silly mistakes very often, he will be targeted more. Technically speaking, the guy who has implemented the "Bytable" interface.

ByteMan - This is the guy who makes fun of others. It is believed that, He should have the ruthless and cunning ability to make fun of others without mercy.

BreakingPoint - Each Bytable Guy has a different tolerance level that they can let others to laugh at them. When this BreakingPoint reaches, ByteMan will get the first warning and might end up with a death threat.

Unbytable Guy - This is a rare kind, as each human is tend to make mistakes. So we can use this to refer a guy, who rarely targeted with the bytes.

Byte Lead - This is similar to the DevLead, TechLead... This is used to refer to the Guy who leads these Byte Campaigns. We have got a naturally talented guy in our Office, who can lead these Byte sessions with his hilarious fun.

Let me explain a small incident, which can help you to understand the terms specified above.

Example Byte :

During one of the knowledge sharing sessions, one of my friend Mr.McGrath fell asleep. He could not keep himself awake during the presentation. One Presenter noticed it and spill the story outside. That day, we were having Tea and suddenly we got to know about this incident. Our Byte Lead Mr.Chan was so convinced with this true story and started to tell fictitious stories by adding the following points.

i) He was snoring, so that audience found it hard to hear the presenter
ii) Presenters were so upset with their own voice, as their voice level is not enough to keep Mr.McGrath awake
iii) He was sleeping in the Presentation room even after it's completion and awaken by the person, who came to clean up that room.

In addition to these points he added many more funny thoughts and tried to make Mr.McGrath very angry. This story kept on continuing for 2 days. Finally Mr.McGrath stopped coming with us for the Tea or Lunch. He gave some lame excuses to avoid meeting us. He told that he felt so thirsty and had a early Tea before us.

Mr.Chan was very unhappy due the Mr.McGrath's absence. I had a chat with Mr.Chan regarding this. Finally he came up with a new idea to get him for our Tea breaks. He said "We should not make any more Bytes against him. So that he will come to our discussions, we will continue to make Bytes on others except Mr.McGrath. Later we will start the Bytes against him after 2 weeks".

Now we give less trouble to Mr.McGrath in terms of Byting. I wonder what would happen after these 2 weeks of peace-keeping period.

I was so worried on how these Bytes have become more serious in my life :)

Warning : titles "The Rise of Unbytables" & "Revenge of the Bytables" are already registered, so please refrain from using it. It is against the Blog Title CopyRight law.


  1. It looks like you have received kilos of bytes :)

    PS: Expandables makers are going to sue you for copying their poster


  2. Hey! Mr. Jeston De Niro,
    I don't get it in the Kilo bytes, rather in Giga Bytes :).
    I am sure Robert De Niro's fan club will be after you after your name change :P

  3. Hi Mr. Vimal,
    You better hide from Mr.McGrath, I saw he was preparing his Double barrel Gun.

    Mr. Naw