Sunday, February 5, 2012

84th Oscars : I predict based on my gut feeling :)

Oscar fever is on yet again. I tried predicting the winners in the last Oscar awards and predicted 5 out of 9 predictions correctly. Let me try my luck for this year once again. I watched highest number films in the last calendar year, when comparing to the other boring years. But still I did not watch any of the oscar nominated movies from the last year. That can be the mighty reason for being regarded as the best films in the last year :). I need to be completely relying on gut feeling for making my predictions yet again. I looked through the list of movies with a great curiousity. This time there are no big movies been selected for free advertisement. So it can be a ideal selection. I was surprised to not to see nominations for the films such as Drive, in any of the major category. Generally, I felt that 2011 is not an eventful year for the Hollywood films.

Best Picture
It has a pack of various kinds of movies but I can see a small competition between the "The Help", "Hugo" and "The Artist". But I feel The Help is far ahead of the other movies. To be precise, "The Help" is a tailor made movie to satisfy Oscar judges. If you ask my personal opinion, I would select either "Hugo" or "The Descendants".
My prediction is : The Help

Best Director
It is a surprise to see a list free of "The Help". So veteran director Mr. Scorsese has a good chance. I see no big competition among them. He has tried a different genre this time. I am sure it is regarded as a masterpiece. I expect my favourite Director to get the award for the second time.
My prediction is : Martin Scorsese

Best Actor
I want to know, how they rate a actor's performance in the movie. It is not easy. Then how can you compare those performances. Damn.. It is a nightmare. I don't have a proper criteria in my mind. So I can't even list my possible choices. I see a competition between George Clooney, Gary Oldman and Jean Dujardin. I feel Gary Oldman might clinch the award this time. My first choice was Jean Dujardin, for his acting skills on a silent film, which demanded a great acting skills. But Oscar is always having a surprising element somewhere. I suspect, that it can come up from this category.
My prediction is : Gary Oldman

Best Actress
Viola Davis and Rooney Mara is in for a big competition. But Meryl Streep can still be surprised, for being announced as a winner for her performance as "Margaret Thatcher". But I am sure Rooney Mara has an edge over the other two.
My prediction is : Rooney Mara

Best Supporting Actor
I have never heard of any of nominees. But I believe Warrior is a kind of a movie which can give a ground to show the acting skills.
My prediction is : Nick Nolte

Best Supporting Actress
Two actresses were selected from the film "The Help". This shows you how difficult it is to choose one from the list. I don't see a competition here.
My prediction is : Octavia Spencer

Best Writing – Original Screenplay
The Artist had limited ways to impress audience. So it would have been a difficult effort to come up with a script for such a movie. So I belive it need to be appriciated.
My prediction is : Michel Hazanavicius for The Artist

Best Writing – Adapted Screenplay
I think Hugo can impress over "The Descendants & "MoneyBall". So Hugo would win. But "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy" can still be a dark horse. So watchout.
My prediction is : John Logan for Hugo

For the following categories I am going to totally believe on my luck. So just selecting from voice of my heart.

Best Original Score
My prediction is : Ludovic Bource for The Artist

Best Sound Editing
My prediction is : Ren Klyce for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Best Sound Mixing
My prediction is : The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo team

Best Art Direction
My prediction is : Hugo

Best Cinematography
My prediction is : Hugo

Best Film Editing
My prediction is : The Artist

I have 3 more weeks to check out my ability to predict.

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