Friday, February 24, 2012

Revenge of the Bytables (2012) - A challenge for Mr.Babyface

This post can be well understood when you have read my previous article "Unbytables". That post was more about the introduction to the Bytes. This is just a sequel to that post, which explains more of my recent experience with the "Bytes" in my office.

In the last 2 months we had a series of never-ending work, mostly due to our own mistakes :p. We started to stay late more often. So we required a lot of relaxation to equilalize the pressure. During this time we got a news that our ByteLead Mr.Chan become a father. Most of the people did not believe it, as they never knew that he was married. Mr.Chan is a very young looking fair fellow. He has a innocent boy face, so his face will not match with his age. One girl was in disbelief and asked "You mean that good little boy has become a father". Some of my friends were looking for a opportunity to "byte" Mr.Chan, as he is the prime person behind all the "Bytes" against them. So they planned to use this oppourtunity to "Byte" him and started to attack on whatever chances they got. They started to call him as "little dad".

One day Mr.Chan brought a photo of his daughter and showed it to us. Chan said, "I took this photo with lot of effort, she is always moving and making my job difficult". He was so proud about it. But we hardly noticed any difference when comparing his face with his daughter's face. Mr.Manju told that, "nobody can win if we run a competition to find 6 differences in his face and daughter's face". After that incident Mr.Chan was given the name "Mr.Baby-Face", which made him very angry. Some new Bytes were created based on this lead. Chan found this really irritating and looked for a oppourtunity to divert the Bytes into someone else.

Mr.Chan's oppourtunity came in quickly when a new guy named Rathodkar joined our company. When Rathodkar entered our working area, we suddenly felt a wind blowing across our closed room. We were surprised to see this "Indian Masala film Hero" like entry. Chan later explained us that, one window was purposefully opened by some culprits to welcome Rathodkar and, that helped to make the wind blowing effect. Rathodkar was a very calm serious fellow. Even though he tried to be serious, we tried to find something special from him to make the fun "Bytes". Chan monitored him closely and found the following strange behaviours from Rathodkar.

1) Rathod always wanted to share his point of view in any discussion. Whatever we discuss, he will pretend as if he knows it already and tell some additional detail about it to divert topic. At times he predicted the future, sometimes he gave confident statistics from the past events. So most of discussions were controlled by him. He always insists on what he speaks, so Chan found it difficult to convince him. Chan never liked any others taking control of his discussions.

2) Rathod hate vegetable foods. So he will eliminate all the vegetable curries from his lunch packet before start eating. Each day we got some fun watching him carefully eliminating those vegetable stuff.

3) Rathod wanted to save some time from the Tea-time, so he reduced the time of eating the biscuits by keeping 3 biscuits on top of each other and eat them in one go.

Chan had no problems to create some "Bytes" based on this strange behaviours. Chan named Rathod with the "Kaanth" extension to make the name as "Rathod-Kaanth". He gave a brief explanation for naming in such a way. He listed the following abilities as the Rathod's talents.

1. Rathod knows all the things in the world
2. He can predict what will happen
3. He knows what has happened in the past

He added that, all these features are remarkably similar to the Super star Rajnikaanth's abilities. So the name Rathodkar was changed to Rathod-Kaanth. But Rathod got irritated and asked "If I know past & future, why on earth I ask those work realted technical questions from you guys". Chan took a while to answer, "I am sure you are evaluating us by asking those technical questions, to which you already knew the answers. You will give feedback about us to our management. If we have answered those questions well, we will get a increment otherwise we will be axed". We laughed loudly and Rathod had no arguments for this. We improvized the story, in which Rathod is described as a spy of management.

By doing this, we were able to control Rathod from getting into our discussions. So he started to think twice before speak any words with us. This is how we controlled a guy by using the "Bytes". Have you tried the "Bytes". Try it now and enjoy..


  1. Extremely amusing and incredibly familiar.. LOL.. Still trying to find the equivelant of Mr.McGrath and impatiently waiting for the release of "The Rise of Unbytables"!!

  2. WTF is this? I have no clue on this?

  3. Hay JK, This is Aepona stuff and you might not know the people describe by Vimal. But you might find similar bytable people from hSenid too. :)