Saturday, October 2, 2010

How to tie a Tie - business wise explanation

Tie a Tie - A business oriented Explanation..

Step 01:
Hi Guys, I am here to explain how to tie a Tie. Firstly, you need to check whether you have tie with you. This is the basic requirement. I usually keep everything in my pocket. Let me check whether I have that import stuff with me. Holy Crap.. I missed my tie.. Mmm.. Let me check the other pocket.. Hmm.. Great I got what you call as tie.

Step 02:
As the second step, you need to decide where you want to tie it. It can be anywhere. People you used to tie it around their waist, mouth, head, etc.. Anyway I choose my neck. I mean I going to tie it around my shirt collar. So I am getting my tie around the Collar.

Step 03:
Now you need to get the tie around your.. What you call as "neck". To succeed on this you need to be

aware of your neck is. Another important point is, you need to make sure your shirt collar should be

kept between the tie & your neck. Otherwise it will become a real "hanging" kind of situation.

Step 04:

As the 4th step, you need to put on the button. When you don't put on the button with a tie. You might look

like a "Kenaian". So you need to make sure of this.

Step 05:

Now it is time to get the knots into the tie. Your concentration need to be completely on the tie.

Otherwise it will become a complete failure. Don't think about lunch... Don't think about the 5th

floor.. Don't think about your neighbor's hairstyle. All your mind should be in.. What you call as tie :)

Step 06:

Great it is over.. Great.. I have successfully deployed the tie. Oh! I mean I have tied the tie in the

proper place. Hey! who the hell are you taking photographs of me.. You can't steal the knowledge like

this.. Hey! Don't run.. You need to give me the royalty for this.


  1. well done vimal....!
    Nice instruction with Photo ...!
    Keep it up.....

  2. Hi Akka,

    Thanks for the feedback. I heard that Saayaa also likes this post. But he did not reveal it because he does not like the free advertisement. I hope He might be bringing some chocolates from Malaysia as a appreciation.