Saturday, January 1, 2011

My favorite films in 2010

We are in a start of another year. Last year was a remarkable year for me, in terms of watching films :). I found a friend, who used to watch 3 films a day. Be fore meeting him, I was more curious to know about the people who works in films than watching the actual movie. I was surprised how this guy can watch the complete Godfather series in one night. My jealousness made me to watch good amount of films in the recent months. I started to watch few of the movies from the must-watch list.
Here is the list of films, that I enjoyed last year.

    This film simply let the audience to come into the Di caprio's mind and make the audience to feel what exactly Di caprio is going through. It is a cleverly written technical movie. It is full of clever ideas. I am always a fan of Christopher Nolan. To my knowledge, this is the only Nolan movie, in which scenes are chronologically ordered. He rather didn't want to confuse the audience when there are so many dreams, dreams on dreams, dreams on dreams squared :)

    This was one one of the most expected movie tamil movie of the year. But I never had enough interest or time to rush to the theatre to watch the movie in the first 3 weeks of the movie release. So I got a lot of time to go through several lot of reviews from various critics.
    Here are some samples of what I had heard.
    1.5 out of 5 stars.
    Weak screenplay
    Vikram has done well except few “Buck”, “Buck” scenes.
    Aishwarya Rai is beautiful even in this older age.
    Most of the reviews never encouraged to me to watch the movie. Suddenly I decided to go for the morning show of this movie. Film has a simple storyline, which is based on Ramayana. Screenplay of the movie never helped to me to get into the movie. Even though the scenes have been filmed with a great care, their ordering and sudden changes kept me away from me.
    Some of the scenes had unusual dialogues and some of the scenes are rather boring. But except those few glitches film carries with excellent technical work behind the camera.
    Each of the frames were stitched through a great natural scenes. It is always a pleasure to watch the rainy forest scenes and made me shiver at times. This film was in production for 3 long years with delayed shooting and it never helped to position the film in a proper way.

Ayirathil Oruvan

    One of the surprise movie of the year. It is a mixture of Historical facts + present day situations. This comprises of scenes, which have few direct inspirations from English movies but story of the movie remains to be original. It starts like a usual treasure hunting kind of fantasy journey. Later it goes to unimaginable world of survivors from the “Solar” period. Their way of living and struggles were inspired from recent events. But film had few logical and technical mistakes, which are comparatively nothing with the big effort of this whole movie.

Vinnai Thandi varuvaayaa

This is romantic musical fim. It had a simple story and few eye watering performances from the leading actors and great musical songs. Songs are picturized to the perfection and film is logically had so many logic. But music carries the film to it's emotions.

Shutter Island
    Another Di caprio movie from the my favourite “Goodfellas” director Martin Scorsese. Film is mostly happening in an Island, which has an Insane Asylam. Till the last 10 minutes of the movie. We were looking through the Di caprio's eye. But last 15 minute scenes show us how wrongly one can perceive this world. We are always looking for something but it leads to something that we could not imagine. Di caprio's acting skills carries the complete movie and give us a great enjoyable experience.

Raththa Sarithram

    Indian political thriller story told with a extensive violence & intelligent camera technique. Film mostly shot in the dark live light, which sets a mood to get into the film easily. I mostly loved the camera techniques in each of the scene. Surya comes in most part of the film and has done well in that role. But certain heroic fighting scenes could have been avoided to stand away from the usual indian masala films. But film is full of violence scenes with the knives & guns. It is more of a overflow of blood. You better do a body checkup immediately after coming out of the film hall to make sure you don't get any damages by any of those knives or guns.


  1. Nice List. Even i used to watch a film every day. i know one comics friend who still watches at least 10 films in a week.

    My commitments and long/tedious travelling forced me to stop watching 1 film a day. now, am catching up with them in the week ends. at least 5 films in a week is the new year resolution.

  2. Hi Vishwa,

    Thanks for the comment.
    My new year resolution is on writing blogs on technical stuff, films and comics.

    I have started with something sweet(yeah! films are). Let's hope it picks up well.