Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Comics Artist's creativity : for your eyes only

What makes the creativity more adorable. What makes you to watch a movie more than once. Why do you read a book, which has a well-known ending. You do all these, repeatedly when you want to get the same enjoyment again and again. But most of the time, you tend to watch/read them again to see whether you have missed something really good. When I watch the movies, first time I concentrate on the story flow, and do not care about whatever music comes out. So if I feel film is really good, I watch it for the second time to pay attention to the music director's work. My mind cannot do more than one stuff at a time, so I need watch them repeatedly to get the full enjoyment.

Comics is a way of telling a story with pictures with the dialogue ballons. Here pictures are important than the stories as adjacent pictures help the readers to imagine the situation in their virtual world. Still a good story will give a good scope for the illustrations. Comics has become more of a business, so artists will be
given a limited period of time to show their talent. So their creativity will be tested with all these external constraints. But there are Comics artists who insists on the quality than the deadlines. All my favourite Comics creators are from the Europe. They pay more attention to the minor details in the story and more importantly on the art. For instance, if you read Asterix stories, you will enjoy the dialogues for the first time. But if you check the pictures carefully there will be a small joke told with in the pictures. I always look for Dogmatix, because it will do something funny while Asterx and Obelix are on a serious discussion. These small funny pictures will help the readers keep themselves happy all through out the story. But if you take a serious Comics like XIII, pictures will tell the story alone. There will be less words within the story.

If you are a die-hard comics fan, you may want to meet your favourite Comics' artist, ask him to draw something for you. I got a similar chance when my brother Nisaharan shared me a youtube link of a 1970's french show "Tac Au Tac". In that show famous Comics artists get to gether and draw on a single canvas. They build upon each others idea. It is quite exciting to watch perform in front of us.

1) Here Uderzo (Asterix series Artist) joins with some of the fellow artists to play with their ideas. They simply develop each others' idea by drawing one by one. It is amazing to watch Uderzo draws his favourite character Obelix effortlessly.

2) Jean Giraud joins with the Neal Adams and Joe Kubert to draw his evergreen cowboy character "Bluberry". Joe Kubert has drawn for few of the Tex Willer stories as well.

3) Again Jean Giraud joins with others in a different kind of creative session.

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