Thursday, August 18, 2011

A1 Restaurant's AGM 2011

It was 3 o' clock in the evening. Unlikely that important meeting started on time. Some of the outsiders were allowed, when they revealed themselves as media personnels. Security personnel were quite insisting on not using any of the modern technical stuff. Cameras, Cellphones were not allowed. I was able to sneak into the meeting by showing my company ID card. One security guy tried to read the company name in the ID card in vain. He read the first letter then stopped, retried and looked at my face for the rest. I said my company's name. That embarrassed guy gave me back the ID card and let me in immediately. He never thought, what this Software guy has to do with the A1's Annual General Meeting. He might have thought that there is a new media company started with this peculiar name. I sat along with the other media people, we were given a separate area. I was given a nice clean seat, which is hundred times better than the chairs you find in the A1. Since it was arranged outside the A1, we got more comfort :). I just looked around and found the famous media people around me. Most of them were writing something in their notepads to avoid talking to the person sitting next to them. But there were lot of noise of laughter around the places where there are few girls. Others were looked terribly boring. My nose found a nice smell when I was about to fell asleep. "Damn" the guy next to me whispered to me. He added "These guys are bringing Wades, which they could not sell within this week". Wade Server came closer to us. That guy selected one of them after spending 20-30 seconds before making his choice. He showed a continuous disgusted expression ever since he took the Wade. I took one and prayed God to reset the Manufactured date & Expiry date.

A1's Directors and staff walked into the room and Media people were shocked to see them in the funny uniform. One of the Directors greeted and started the speech in the traditional way. It went on very slowly and people were not much interested to hear about the annual turnovers. They were reading the last year turnover based on the food item, which tested the patience of the audience. "Masala Dosa" was declared as the most popular food in the last year, while "Concrete Pittu" was declared as a flop. Audience looked as if they were in middle of a mid-summer dream. But that speaker raised the voice at one moment and people woke up from their nap and tried to listen to him. I will just give it in his polite words "We had a nice last year. We enjoyed a nice year of work. But some of the people are jealous about it. As a result of that we have made enemies. They are coming up with new campaigns to narrow our business". He spoke very louder as he could and stopped to drink some water. I carefully looked at the water bottle. It was a mineral water, which you can never find in A1. He continued after the small break. "Mud Campaign.. Those maniacs are doing Mud Campaigns against us.. They make false stories about us in the media and people are afraid to step into our restaurant to have the divine food. I can give you a simple example why they are true maniacs. They say we are not giving 100% vegetarian food as we add Cockroaches & flies which comes on our way while preparing the food. If we add these then there should not be any of these creatures left in our A1 premises. But as you know we have hundreds of these poor creatures living happily within our A1 premises alone.". Later he winked and told in a lower voice "Even if we put some of these creatures. They bring out a good flavour".

During the meeting some of the other speakers gave sleepy speeches, till the final guy got up to give the speech. He slowly walked near to the mic with the bunch of papers. He started with the proud voice "In the recent past we were condemned for increasing the price of the lunch packet to 120Rs. But now we have decided to slash the prices by 20Rs.. Yes from now on one lunch packet costs only 100Rs. We tried to put more salt as possible, so that the customers will be grateful to us. But some mad guys eat from our restaurant and complain. We will try to apply more salt in the coming years to keep those critics to comment in the favour of us. We are always appreciated for serving a tasty food in world, still some maniacs feel we don't go for expensive ingredients such as Cashews or cauliflower. I have ordered our chef to add more expensive tasty vegetables to curries.". Suddenly there was a silence as people were looking at him with a surprised face. They were wondering who would be the chef of the A1. He said "I can understand why you guys are looking surprised. Actually our Chef was unable to make up for this event as he is suffering from the stomachache". There was a big noise this time. Even some of the outsiders started to shout and laugh. Now speaker understood that he made a big mistake to spill out the real reason of the Chef's absence. "Actually yesterday he was on a half-day leave, so he missed our A1 lunch. He went to Crescat food court with his family and had a Mushroom rice. That was the reason for his illness. So please don't jump into writing of any rumors.. please..". But media people were concentrating on writing that important point. Now the speaker looked hopeless. Other Board members were angry and their faces looked ugly as if they had a old liquid curry from A1. Finally they had to wrap up the meeting much earlier than the planned time, to stop that speaker to spill any more of the plus points to the Mud Campaign :)


  1. I can't resit myself from seeing this A1 Restaurant after going through this post. Nice post buddy . A picture of the restaurant will add more beauty to this post