Saturday, October 1, 2011

Notting Hill, A Hilarious Session

Romantic comedy films are not my favourite genre. In fact, I thought I never can watch a full-length romantic English movie. Gangster movies are always my favorite. They are really stylish and packed with power performances by some of the best actors of all time. I continued to watch some of the best gangster movies and finally I could not find a gangster movie that I have not watched.

Oneday I went to the DVD shop along with my friend. He has a another problem. He has finished watching most of the good movies, so he has to look for some good movies. Whenever I tried to suggest a movie, he would end up giving a brief review of that movie. At times he could even recall the IMDB rating of that movie as well. He choose a movie, which featured the Julia Roberts in the DVD cover. It was "Notting Hill". I never had seen a movie which had Julia. In addition to that, he took few other Julia's movies. Later he gave that movie with a strong recommendation.

I had a very stressed, unrestful mind after watching those gangster movies. Nightmares were lined up to make my sleep worse. I even wanted to kill the guys, who reported bugs against me. To come out from the "gangster stress" I finally decided to watch "Notting Hill". It was rather a british movie. I saw a clear difference from the American movies. People in the film, spoke in a very soft manner unlike the Gangster movies. There were humourous simple dialogue gave me some nice relief. That film was about a actress, who fell in love with a simple book shop keeper, played by Hugh Grant. Both of them share a nice relationship through out the movie. Julia Roberts' character is so amazing and I started to love the scenes where she does not want to show her as a well-paid actress.

Hugh Grant's flatmate "Rhys Ifans" does something, that made to laugh. He innocently does something whenever he appears in the screen. I enjoyed the scenes in which, Hugh Grant pretends as a reporter comes from the Horse & Hound magazine. Each time he tried to add the word Horse to show others that he comes from that magazine. Simple hilarious car/traffic scenes leads to a simple nice climax of the film. Julia Roberts kept on smiling during the climax scenes. I understood why these fans are so crazy about Julia. I can quarranty you for a 2 hour hilarious session for sure :)

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  1. Hi Vimal,

    This film happens to be amongst my all time favourite Julia films amongst Pretty woman, Runaway Bride etc.

    The scene in which Grant goes as a reporter from Horse and Hound and questions the actress and only in the final act, he knows that for the film which he is interviewing is a science fiction film shot entirely in a space ship.

    also, when his room mate hides his reading glasses, he wears his under water scooba diving gear glasses to go out with her for a day out to view a film. amazing film.